There’s something special about gathering with people who share your beliefs to enjoy the beauty of nature, participate in breathtaking recreational activities, and build your testimony—this is what we’ve created with AFY.

An Unbeatable Location

Come adventure in Moab, Utah, home to beautiful red rock formations—the perfect backdrop for your AFY experience. You’ll float down the Colorado River and see views from old western Hollywood. While you’re out exploring, you might also catch a glimpse of Native American rock art. Full of history and amazing landscapes, Moab is the perfect destination for biking, river rafting, rappelling, and all the activities you’ll do at AFY.

History of AFY

The Adventure For Youth Program started at BYU-Idaho in its Outdoor Learning Center. Counselors would hold activities on their high and low ropes courses and then facilitate spiritual discussions afterward with the youth. For various reasons outside the program’s control, it was decided that the program would have to be shuttered.

Not wanting to let such a unique, compelling, and popular program end, we reached out to the BYU-Idaho team and asked about potentially picking it up and starting in a different location. They agreed, so over the past year we’ve been working with them to transition AFY into an even more incredible experience for youth.

Our goal has always been to maintain the essence of the original program—spiritually uplifting with fun and adventurous activities. Now we hope to do it on a larger scale.

Today, AFY is the experience of a lifetime. Youth will be in a breathtaking location filled with incredible outdoor activities, while also participating in spiritually nourishing discussions that apply to life and build faith.